Friday, November 13, 2009

UGH :-(

I will spare any weakness to gross stuff with a post with no pictures, although, I would think its funny?So my night was normal, we hung out. Then I put the torture on and YANK! we pulled out a tooth that has been bugging' for about a week. We had tears of pain and hatred toward me, blood was spurting from everywhere it seemed, but got through with a special brownie with ice cream after dinner. I stayed up beyond my comfort of no sleeping watching my DVR'd shows? I will never understand why I put myself through the agony of not sleeping? The baby acts like she is weeks old, instead of almost a year old...

So when I do decide to sleep, it feels like I've been asleep for hours, and then.... I hear the dreaded sound of bodily fluids coming from down the hall with the husband racing to the scene. I fly out of bed to see if I can salvage any part of my sanity of not being up all morning long, wrong! I have one child throwing up all over the bed and then to find she has thrown up all over her sister, ha ha ha: clothes, hair, pj's. Hence the title, UGh! I am now up and I was only asleep for a little over an hour. Rinsing sheets, pj's, hair; then to sit up and make sure at least one load of yuck gets washed. Now the girls are cleaned up they smell great, but I cannot say much about how the rest of my house smells. Any ideas I cannot open windows (don't need them colder and its been raining) I need the smell out before I am cleaning up after my husband, he has a weak tolerance of vomit. I guess I'm off to feed a non-sleeping baby and finish my laundry. Maybe I should go get and energy drink and stay up, I will be tired all day anyways?