Tuesday, October 27, 2009

*** SNOW ***

I could'nt resist I have changed my blog background to reflect the weather for now. :) I can not say how much I have anticipated todays stormy weather. I love shoveling, playing, driving, all of it. This is all because no one can go from one season/holiday to the next in an orderly fashion j/k(stores displaying Christmas stuff before Halloween is even over) Nonetheless, my kids and I drink hot cocoa all year long, so to be lucky and have a warm house and little things to enjoy is a great blessing. I look forward to this upcoming holiday season with a new sense of Givng in my heart to help others, less fortunate.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Winner! Winner!

Holy cow! I just won a contest for a cute beanie hat. This is going to be a tough decision, 'who gets to receive the beanie?' I have a mini me, a beast, a wiggler, and an oh so cute baby, and only one hat. I am just totally excited. I enter a few of these contest occasionally and seems like I'm with the few who are so close but no cigar.(odds were 1:1066 lucky #59)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Perfect start to Perfect weekend

I am terrible. I've been trying to get back to the temple since I first went way back in May :( How sad, I know but I did go with my mom on Thursday. I do have to say I have not been in the Bountiful temple since its open house years ago. I absolutely love that temple (they are all great don't get me wrong) seems like I would be less confused in that one. But all in all my husband did not go so he got to stay home and watch kids (maybe next time he will want to go with me?) The poor baby she just can't live without me for a few hours she cried for an hour prior to me getting home, so sad, but the three less worrisome were in bed and my trouble maker was still up just eating dinner at 11 pm. Leave it to my husband to not feed anyone. I am committing to going at least once a month with my mom, and then making every effort to have my husband attend once with me as well.