Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Almost there...

Yes, we finally are getting close to a finished kitchen. I did not realize how much I 'did not ' use any of my appliances. I feel I don't cook often enough, but these past two weeks tells me I actually do! And I absolutely decided I hate washing dishes by hand. Dirty dish pan water hands every day (sometimes twice) gets old. Looks old on my hands as well. he he he

Now just the task of painting to address before we say its complete and things can be normal again.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!

(This is last year, but will post newer later tonight)

Today 7 years ago I had the most beautiful baby girl. I never knew what I was having, but thought it was a boy. I was only half wrong... But my Cailey is such a special girl. She brings into this family what everyone needs, a very happy personality no matter what gets thrown your way. She gets picked on by all of us but smiles through even when there are sad times.

....... Three years later.........

We found out we were expecting again. I always said I did not want to have my girls share the -same birthday (we had a due date that fell about 1 week following Cailey's b-day 7-29). Little do we know how much control some of us don't have. Labor started on 7-20, and being admitted at midnight, I had to face the inevitable. We were having a baby on sisters birthday. Whitney is our little ball of fire. She has a determination backed by attitude. It's hard to say no to such a face with the biggest blue eyes and a face that looks innocent. But I tell you this "looks are deceiving." You have to keep and extra eye on this one she is sly. But non the less we love her so much, and without her our life might be too laid back and easy. So here is to my two sweet girls on the birthday they now understand they share forever. Your sweet spirits are just what we need in our family and hope you strive for the best in all you do. We love you, Mom and Dad.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did someone say Remodeling???

So last Thursday or sooner, our fridge quite keeping things cold. The way I found out was just sad as a parent? My husband did not tell me the milk smelled funny, as he put it back in the fridge. The next day: (I poured cereal for kids and thought "that smells funny, it tasted weird too." So when he gets home I tell him what happened and he he just laughed. (He smells everything, even if its new. I hate it, but will now think twice.)But it wasn't funny cause one kid just ate her cereal and did not complain about taste or smell, but the other one refused to eat and walked away. The freezer still worked so that's where everything went(that was perishable). We went out and looked at them not knowing what we would like, or what style? But, we had to have one so it seemed more like impulse shopping. We found one

This is what we chose. White of course.. It has to match what we currently own. Right now our kitchen is all torn up. My husband decided it would be great if he could get our tile work done before it gets here on Friday??? Not happening it's Wednesday, and he's having second thoughts about the tile we chose and then I purchased, while he was at work :-(

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hopefully everyone had a great 4th of July! I know we did. We first started the day off with the local parade in Magna. Kids love candy!! That parade seems to grow every year, a little odd considering Magna is still small. Then we hung out with Dad, since he spent the better part of the week out of town. We ended the night with FIREWORKS!!!! I love fire what can I say. After 30 min. of watching them, we had to race home and do some of our own. We lit a whole box(not normal, we usually save some for the 24th) but mom was happy for a change of pace. We even went a little illegal. My hubby never watches or helps, he's too afraid of getting caught. But my neighbors love to watch at my expense. So here's to another year and looking forward to another.