Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Venting :{

This post is at random frustration of: my stupid brother, who will not grow up and actually support himself. He thinks life is one big ride and everyone owes him a big piece of their life in all forms. He basically lives on the brink of a movie evading the law til it catches him, then it will be "the other persons fault, he did nothing wrong." The other stupid brother is getting married without thinking of consequences. !@*?#. (this is just my head overloading). For years I took the beat for making extremely wrong decisions and now he won't buck-up and look at what he's doing to himself or listen to family and friends who have said time over "It's a mistake, she is not worth it". I faced reality of my many mistakes and learned from them. I know we only grow as we learn from our individual mistakes, but I hate to see him suffer the most heart wrenching of them all( it involves his daughter).

Like I said I am just venting that he will not take his life changing decision seriously and get back to what he was taught and pray or at least seek earnestly whether his decisions are right or forced for other reasons. Nothing hurts worse than the destruction of the family by Satan's hand, and not having the desire to fight for what you believe in. That is all I have to say, sorry if you read this expecting something else. But on to happier moments....

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