Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can we say Remodel!!! Like yesterday???

So this bathroom of ours has not been our luck of the draw. It was painted once after Cailey, then sanded before Whitney, then painted again within weeks. ONLY to be primed and left 'as-is' for the better half of 4 yrs?? Yes its gross even for me. No matter what we do, or don't, it don't matter its the same as it never will be....

Until after I discover this little trick this afternoon prior to decided to give it the 'third times a charm'? Yes this is my paint/drywall peeling off everywhere. I called the husband and told him and we have officially decided it will all come out. So we will finally get a bathroom of 'my dreams'???

this is what my hopes are for the new look:

Just with dark cabinets and no paneling on the wall, just painted.

We'll see when its done along with the basement.

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