Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So just this past few weeks my newest addition has learned to roll over. What a big deal it has been to watch her try for the past month and finally succeed. We love her so much and will look forward to seeing her grow.

Also this past month my other two DD's have started their all-time favorite. SOFTBALL!!! This is a great sport for girls. Teg has been paying for 4 yrs. and has grown as a player and as an individual. She is naturally shy and this gets her out, with new people and helps her communicate. She has developed a love of pitching, but by the way is just as good a catcher. My 'Beast' is in her second yr. She is also loving it. She is rather short so to watch her is great enjoyment for all. Her helmets hardly ever fit so she swings and the helmet does a cartoon thing and spins around her head. when she runs she holds onto it so as not to loose it. We also learned her first year she throws right and bats left?? Who knew??? She hits occasionally, but I know it will come at its own pace if she sticks to it, she will do great just as her older sister.

Last but not least, is my middle younger dd. She is just 3, so anything her sisters are doing she has to do as well. She has had a scare this past month. She tried to blow out a candle, the heat caught her front hair and just ignited it and second degree burn on her forehead. luckily it has healed very nice(hopefully only a permanent emotional scar) she has learned her lesson the hard way. But sometimes that is the way we all learn.

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