Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Thoughts

Is it still bad if I'd not done what was done, but had been a nag person to person until it came down to making a phone call like I'd done? I feel like it could not have a happy ending without someone thinking an invasion of personal privacy has been violated. I just can't help thinking the rest of my family will suffer for MY actions even though they had nothing to do with it?

More help please!! I had also stated that I did not want un-named neighbor kids in my house because they go through my food pantry, freezer, etc... Eat all my snacks for my own kids and then act like no harm has been done. Do I owe any more of an explanation to said kid's, parents? Am I justified to have rules governing my own home and who has presence here? Who can freely raid my home for there own sugar gain?

I am not out to 'Get' my neighbors, for any reason. Though some may think otherwise if they know all details. That's fine, I have never been a follower/leader of friends. I come off more rough than 80 grit sandpaper. I am me, I try to meet/make new friends but in the end it's more that I have to say I'm a mere acquaintance than anything more. I like quiet, no drama(this weekend not proving so), just enjoy life. I guess maybe I am being harder on myself than necessary? That's how I am and how I argue myself to see the other sides view on my actions. It looks like I will have the rest of my life to get it right and get this 'UgLy' out of me and mind my own business even when I don't see it so. So for now I guess I dodge the neighbor or just go about my life? It could be worse and I could let my bottled up anger out, or they could have a multiple family nightmare living by them?

I'm SoRry, I'm Sorry, I'M SORRY to whom finds out the details and thinks I'm just evil. I will say it over, and over but it will probably not be enough. I guess I'm done rambling my issues, if I bore you or make you mad let me know or stop reading.


Hendricksonblog said...

I guess I have never seen this side of you. Lets get better acquainted so I can. I like to know others get mad sometimes instead of the phoney pile pretend everything is la-ti-da way. Neighbor feuds can be soooo terribly uncomfortable. You can make yourself a prisoner in your own home. My advice: just be cordial and keep it at that. I would not want to know my grit if I were sandpaper.
Sorry you are dealing with sucks.
I think your awesome if that makes you feel any better and your kids can come over here to play.

Hendricksonblog said...

oh yeah and I have heard nothing so hopefully no one is maliciously spreading details that aren't other peoples to be had.

Jenn said...

Thanks April again. I can be like a Dr. Jekyle and Dr. Hyde(again spelling). I am simple but when it gets to a nerve point, I can simply change in a split second. And then no one better be in my way. I'm not laughing, thinking its funny but its me I've always been this way.

Noslo Family said...

I can relate to the pantry problem. I've stopped offering most treats except otter pops. Most of the time if I hear the kids say they are hungry I tell them to go tell their mom. If anyone got in my downstairs freezer they would be seeing a bad side of me! I hope you can feel better soon - my boys would be too sad if your family left.

Jenn said...

I would sure hope my kids get told to leave if they are like that at your house cause I have plenty for them. I like the .98 cent popsicles 1 will feed 2 kids and I don't mind sharing those either.

Hernandez Family said...

I would be embarrassed if my kids started going through the neighbors pantry or fridge! I don't blame you one bit.