Friday, April 22, 2011

Bedroom Make-over

Its a slow post coming, but kids are preoccupied with each other I can sit down and do this. So realistically there are going to be no before pics, cause lets face it who wants to look at my pre messy white room? Moving on: I paint by myself therefore it actually gets done, so no during either:(  On my quest to find color for my room I found this great rug

(which now adorns my living room perfectly)

So onto the bedding I love a great 'steal of a deal' at The Village Quilt Shop. They now know me by name. I was in love with a great duvet but @ $279 I had to walk away until I found my peace.

the pillows are out of sort for this one
they are supposed to be sitting square.

don't mind this its just a giant bed bug

the wall color is Dolphin? by Behr
 My total cost was $ 79 - Quilt
                             $ 50 - Pillows (all 5 colored)
                             $ 30 - Floral Euro shams/pillows at IKEA
Now I'm still finding things for the walls and have my heart set on making shelves. And my crib bench might just find its home in the corner, Stay tuned for that one. I might just put up my base boards by myself this weekend, we'll see?


Hendricksonblog said...

I do like it. Great colors

McNett Family Blog said...

I love the colors too.