Friday, August 26, 2011

Its all in the Depends

I am so nervous for so many things to go wrong in October.  When I look at Facebook updates(usually in the morning and then afternoon) I see something like this:

I  may look like this while running

So I think this is what will be left of me when done? I see other pictures and my stomach starts turning, my head hurts, and I just want to mess my drawers.  What have I got my self into? I can't run without feeling like my insides don't agree with what I'm doing. Running with food not a good idea either

But on a serious not I have not taken it seriously enough.  I'm not doubting my capabilities to run said race.  I mean I did 2 - 100 mile bike rides with no preparation and survived both.  Asthma is under control, feel good when I do run, but that is not enough.

I'm on the hunt for a better stroller, so that I can run with my beast after I drop kids off at school or, if necessary run with the bunch after school, while they ride bikes.  If bike training were to help with running training I'd be fit as a fiddle.  Hey at least its all down hill right? I run better that way naturally so maybe there's one thing in my favor.


Hendricksonblog said...

Brave girl!
Runners trots are a common problem, just google it and you can get ideas on how to deal w/the stomach/intestinal issues.

Jenn said...

I'd rather get my carb load during the whole week and 2 days beofore cut back my eating, oh man who wants to stop every stop just to, you know use a honey bucket?

Lisa said...

I too am looking for a real running stroller. I am pushing my bus around and it is hard work. I try not to eat a lot before race day actually. I don't over carb or eat much. Less to come out during a morning poop. Which sometimes has to be forced. TMI? Not in the running world I say. Good luck. Still wondering if I should have done it. I am worried about the ragnar the week before. Good luck. Would love to run with you if you want.

Jenn said...

Name a time, Lisa lets go. Way less is always better, I never eat snacks at stops on my ride for the same reason( but more an after poo)hahaha I'm just looking to finish on two feet, wether its a jog or still a run.

Keep looking on KSL, I looked Friday and found one for $50 practically brand new. I figure I won't need one after 2 yrs so I'm okay with it.