Thursday, September 22, 2011

why won't she leave me alone....

I should probably see a psychiatrist or something? Or maybe I should plain have her committed!! Every day I'm reminded of her, what she did, why she hates me, etc..  When everyone else is around she leaves.  "It's not you, its me."

This is all Morgan if you did not know. I made my run short and sweet today and when she saw me she says,"mom she made pee on the floor!"  So I promptly follow her for I don't know why?(all floors are wood or tile), and there it is it like Lake DID, all over the bathroom floor!  For nothing she ever does lately is her fault its always the other girls fault?  Standing like a boy ON the toilet peeing on the walls, while running away from who knows what, etc..  I love it, wouldn't change a thing about it cause who knows how long she'll be here, or  maybe she really has another personality hiding out and I'm just in denial.  I like denial, it helps me cope with her day to day weirdness.

So there you have it, if you ever get to see her other side, your super lucky, I'm still waiting?  (and tell her she gets to clean up her messes from now on.)

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