Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Relax about the relaxing...

 Race day came and went without a problem.  There is relief in my head while I typed that.  I gave up running a week before(a certain 2 yr old lost my treadmill key)  I thought for this big of run I'd have issues, or just not run the whole time? Lets face it I'm not a runner, liked it when I was younger but that was decades ago.

I ran last week with Andrea for approx. 10 mi. just to see where we were at as far as time, and training. I won't lie I had trauma going down 5th west in Provo and that made me worry my knee would not carry me down Provo Canyon for 13.1 mi.!!  So with no running the last week, I assumed I was good to go.

Its not everyones' dream to wake at 4 am for a run that don't start until 9am, but alas here we were Andreas great husband got up and fixed us breakfast, which I was surprised stayed down(I perform on empty better).  I won't lie it was cold, all I had on were my shorts, a tank top and jacket. Less is best, I didn't carry anything with me except my phone and ipod.  We waited in a tent full of 3,000+ runners, some may have been outside, late, etc..  I left Andrea at the start, she wanted to see if she could beat her time from last year, so I went in the second wave.

After mile #2 I thought "I can get another knee if I need one, hell with the going easy" and took off!! I felt great no knee issues.  I ran and kept thinking I've got to catch up with Andrea at some point, she wasn't that far ahead of me and the pace I was keeping could prove that I could catch her.  I did unfortunately, for her :(  She'd been struggling with a foot problem and she was walking it off when I caught her, so I walked for a few(mistake, worth fighting for) I stopped and put my cute arm warmer on(knee brace) just the stopping was enough to make its presence known.  We thought we could sprint to the finish, it was only 2 mi away? Wrong she stopped and I felt bad I just kept running saying catch up I'm not that far ahead.  Next thing I know she was no where to be seen, I'd left her, behind.  I came in the finish with a strong sprint around the people who were giving up just because it was the end??? Who gives up 200 yd from the finish line? I don't..  My end time was 2:13 with a 10 min/mil pace.  I'm glad I chose to challenge myself and next up is a Full Marathon, but will be doing this race again!! Loved running the canyon with nothing to worry about.

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Nan said...

As your mom I"m proud of what you have accomplished and set for yourself to accomplish and stay fit. Annie I'm sure was glad you came with her on this run even if you didn't make the finish together.