Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did someone say Remodeling???

So last Thursday or sooner, our fridge quite keeping things cold. The way I found out was just sad as a parent? My husband did not tell me the milk smelled funny, as he put it back in the fridge. The next day: (I poured cereal for kids and thought "that smells funny, it tasted weird too." So when he gets home I tell him what happened and he he just laughed. (He smells everything, even if its new. I hate it, but will now think twice.)But it wasn't funny cause one kid just ate her cereal and did not complain about taste or smell, but the other one refused to eat and walked away. The freezer still worked so that's where everything went(that was perishable). We went out and looked at them not knowing what we would like, or what style? But, we had to have one so it seemed more like impulse shopping. We found one

This is what we chose. White of course.. It has to match what we currently own. Right now our kitchen is all torn up. My husband decided it would be great if he could get our tile work done before it gets here on Friday??? Not happening it's Wednesday, and he's having second thoughts about the tile we chose and then I purchased, while he was at work :-(

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